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V.  Tectonophysics for solutions of problems of prospecting and miming of mineral deposits

A. Mining, geomachanics
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1-st author
Title of report
Bespal`ko A.A., Yavorovich L.V., Fedotov P.I., Viitman E.V., Shtirc V.A. Tomsk Mechanoelectric transformation under deformation processes in rocks
Veselov A.I. Novokuznetsk Geodynamical patterns of ore deposits of Gornaya Shoriya and Khakasiya for forecasting of a strained of the rock mass.
Demyanovich N.I., Shenkman B.M., Shenkman I.B. Irkutsk The tectonic dislocation with a break in continuity just below dam of Irkutsk hydro-electric power station
Il'chenko V.L. Apatity On spatial variations of core and surface samples elastic properties anisotropy as stress indicators
Kazankova, E.P. Kornilova N.V., Sudo R.M. Moscow Geofluidodynamic of East-Perevalnoye oil field.
Kovrizhnykh A.M. Novosbirsk Simulation of creep and fracture in solution of geomechanic's fundamental and applied problems.
Kozyrev A.A., Savchenko S.N. Apatity Differentiation of tectonical stresses in the upper part of the Earth crust including the factors natural and mining-induced impact
Oparin V. N., Leontiev A. V., Kozyrev A. A., Sashurin A. D., Emanov A. F. Novosbirsk rust destruction and self-organization processes at locations under intensive technogenic impacts
Lovchikov A.V. Apatity  
Martyshko P.S. Pyankov V.A. Ekaterinburg Mesomechanical scenario of the Denezhkin Kamen massif deformation and its manifestation in magnetoacoustic characteristics of rocks.
Marchuk A.N., Marchuk N.A. Moscow Big dams as sensors for dangerous geodynamic processes.
Morozov Yu.A., Kireenkova C.M, Sobolev G.A., Smulskaya A.I. Moscow  
Pyankov V.A. Martyshko P.S. Ekaterinburg Spatial-temporal peculiarities of geomagnetic field secular variations as an instrument of seismic zoning.
Pyankov V.A. Martyshko P.S. Ekaterinburg Magnetic parameters variations of the Konder massif platinum-bearing dunites and their connection with localization of plastic deformations at different hierarchy levels.
Melnikov N.N., Panin V.I., Kozyrev A.A. Apatity Mine-induced seismicity as a reflection of stress-deformed state evolution of the geological environment in the mining natural-technical system.
Semenova I.E. Apatity Application of tectonic stresses in the expert evaluation of mining workings stability for conditions of underground mining of ore deposits
Chanyshev A.I., Belousova O.I. Novosbirsk The mathematical model of rocks deformation and its  application in calculating of zonal disintegration of massive around excavations
Chanyshev A.I.,  Igonina E.A. Novosibirsk  

B. Wrench tectonics and deposite
Family Sity or Country
1-st author
Title of report
Dušan Plašienka Slovakia Tectonics of the Pieniny Klippen Belt (Western Carpathians): a combination of shallow thrusting and deep-seated wrench fault movement
Batugin A.S. Moscow  
Bushenkova N., Deev E., Chervov V. Novosibirsk Origin of Permian-Triassic magmatism of the Western Siberian plate and the Siberian Platform: comparison of the geological structures data, 3D seismic and  thermal models of upper mantle.
Vakhnin M.G. Syktyvkar Influence of faults on the formation of local structures and oil and gas content of the region by the example of northern Pre-Ural Trough.
Gladkov A.S. Irkutsk  
Gogonenkov G.N., Timurziev A.I. Moscow Structure and genesis of platform folding of western siberia in view of the new data of regional display of horizontal strike-slip faults of the basement
Zhirov D.V.  et al. Apatity  
Zadorozhnyi D.N. Moscow  
Krasnovsky A.A., Mirenkov V.E. Novosibirsk Numerical experiment on the strain of rocks nearby an oil-bearing stratum
Kuzmin Yu.O., Nikonov A.I. Moscow  
Nekrasov A.I. Tumen The newest shear tectonics of Lower Irtysh region
Pavlov I.O., Korchemagin V.A. Ukraina Exogenetic cleavage in coal layers of Main anticline western closure of Donbas (features and genesis)
Sapchuk I.P. Tumen Tectonophysical interpretation of fault zones in the West-Siberia plate
Sim L.A. Moscow The neotectonic and recent strike-slip faults of north Eurasian platforms.
Khazan Ya.M. Ukraina Physical conditions in kimberlite magma sources. A model of the kimberlite origin
Hodjimetov A.I. Uzbekistan  
Urchenko O.S., Sim L.A. Tver  

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